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Added strength and security

Steel-Edge Steel DoorsTake the traditional steel door to a whole new level of beauty, durability and safety. With four collections designed specifi cally for professional installations, you’ll fi nd the right door for your single-family or multi-family new construction or renovation project. Steel Edge construction provides added strength and security to your doors. Hardware is supported by and reinforced with an injection molded composite lock ring providing superior screw holding power. Tru Tech Steel-Edge Steel Doors offer a 90-minute positive pressure rating on select styles to provide added security against fire spreading within a home. The fire and smoke ratings make these doors and frames ideal for multi-family and single family residences. Steel-Edge Steel Doors1. Strength Polyurethane foam core is securely bonded to galvanized steel panels for superior thermal performance and added door strength. 2. Durability Top quality 24-gauge galvanized construction offers superior durability and tested performance. Also available in heavy-duty 22 gauge. 3. Security Poly lock-block reinforcement ensures that cylindrical hardware is mounted securely. 4. High Profile Available with triple-shadow and high-definition embossing, wide design selections and highdefinition panel profi les. 5. Steel-Edge construction 90-minute positive pressure fi re tested.
Steel Pro Construction Series Steel Pro™ Construction Series The Steel Pro™ Construction Series is a practical, hardworking and durable door that comes equipped with exclusive tripleshadow embossing. Select from a variety of styles and sizes to meet your requirements. This series comes with a 5 year warranty.
Steel Mark HD Builder Series Steel Mark™ HD Builder Series Enhance any entryway with a wide design selection of doors from the Steel Mark™ HD Builder Series. This series offers beauty and safety, with its high-defi nition embossing and 90-minute positive pressure fi re testing. Also, this series comes with a 10 year warranty.
Steel Mark Plus Builder Series Steel Mark™ Plus Builder Series Steel Mark HD Plus Entry Series offers superior durability, fi re-rated tested performance in a prefi nished white Polytex surface. This series has all the features you’re looking for in a door, and comes with a 20 year warranty.
Details HD

Details HD

Quality is in the details. Steel Mark Details HD Collection captures contours and details unlike any other highdefinition steel door. Details HD comes with a 10 year warranty      
[Not a valid template] Each Tru Tech® door has a wide range of features ensuring enhanced beauty and performance.

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