Energy Efficient Windows in Toronto, ON

Energy efficient windows can keep your home more comfortable while reducing energy bills and minimizing your household's environmental impact. Consumer's Choice Home Improvement is the best choice for energy efficient windows among customers who value outstanding service.

Ener-Save Windows

We manufacture and install Canadian-made Ener-Save windows that are specially engineered to withstand our cold climate. These windows are made of at least two glazing coatings sealed around the outside edge to provide outstanding insulation, prevent condensation from developing, reduce heating and cooling costs and muffle outside noise.
The spacers, which separate two sheets of single glass to provide an insulated window, are made from 100 percent polymer foam, which prevents heat conduction as well as the development of mould and mildew. The space between the layers of glass can be filled with Argon or Krypton gas to reduce heat transfer between indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

With energy efficient windows treated with Low-E coating, customers can expect a 40 percent reduction in heat transfer and a subsequent reduction in energy costs of up to 25 percent. Not only does this keep your home warmer in the winter, but it also prevents heat from entering the home through the windows during the summer.
Ener-Save windows can be treated with a Neat coating that reduces the need for cleaning by breaking down organic materials such as dust and dirt so they can be washed away with the rain.
Our quality control system strives to manufacture and install windows with no defects. Our windows undergo stringent quality certification through the Canadian Standards Association and include a transferable lifetime warranty as well as a five-year breakage warranty.
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