Reliable Vinyl Window Replacement in Toronto, ON


Vinyl window replacement is a great way to upgrade the look and comfort of your home. Vinyl windows provide an excellent low-maintenance exterior for any window. Quality windows help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Extra panes, glazes and proper installation allow you to stay comfortable while enjoying a clear view of the weather outside. Consumer's Choice is the industry leader for windows and doors in the Toronto area.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Windows

Old windows are easy to overlook for homeowners, but they can be a big expense when it comes to energy efficiency. Single pane, unglazed windows allow heat to escape the home in winter. Cracks around the window also allow for airflow and drafts. Replacing the windows is a great way to lower your heating and cooling costs. New windows can also spruce up a facade or interior décor. Just take a look at our idea gallery for examples of how the right window can complete a room.

Window Wise Certification

The windows from Consumer's Choice meet the highest industry standards for quality and energy efficiency. Our Window Wise certified contractors go through extensive training to make sure that they can properly install quality windows. These types of certifications take the guesswork out of finding a reliable company focused on quality service. In addition to Window Wise and Energy Star certification, our products come with a lifetime warranty on hardware, glass, finishes and more.

Why It May Be Time for Window Replacement

Are your windows difficult to open and close? Are the windowpanes loose enough to rattle in the wind? Are there streaks or wet spots on the wall around the window? When windows allow water to enter, there can be rotting wood and mould before the problem is even noticeable. Determining your need for a new set of windows could be as simple as a look at your energy bill. If you pay too much for heating and cooling, old windows could be a large part of the problem.

At Consumer's Choice, we use quality vinyl windows for durability and weather resistance. Wooden windows can warp and crack, but vinyl housing lasts for decades with only minimal maintenance. Get a free estimate to find out just how affordable a window upgrade can be.
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