What Are Casement Windows and Where Should You Use Them?

Casement windows are a popular option for homes, offering large openings to catch cross breezes and help cool and freshen the air inside a home. At Consumer's Choice, we carry an extensive selection of casement windows to suit any room or style. Casement windows from Consumer's Choice

What Is a Casement Window?

A casement window is a type of window design that uses a hinge on the side, allowing the windows to swing open outwards like a door. Casement windows typically incorporate a crank at the base of the window frame, allowing the homeowner to easily crank the window open or shut.

What Are the Advantages of Casement Windows?

Double-hung or sliding windows have one pane that slides upwards or sideways to overlap another pane. This means that only half of the actual window area can be opened at one time. With casement windows, the entire window opens, letting lots of fresh air into the home and allowing for easy cleaning of both inside and out. Casement windows also offer security advantages because the multipoint lock mechanism consists of hooks inside the frame that locks the window closed in multiple locations with one easy movement.

Where Should Casement Windows Be Installed?

Casement windows can be installed anywhere other windows can be installed, and it's entirely up to the homeowner where they work best. Because casement windows open easily with a crank, they are popular in hard to reach areas such as above a kitchen sink. Casement windows also do not have a meeting rail in the middle like sliding or hung windows. This means unobstructed views and light, perfect for darker rooms or spots where the outdoor scenery should be highlighted. Casement windows do have some width limitations. In wider openings they are often seen joined with a picture window or another casement. Homeowners interested in the advantages of casement windows should contact Consumer's Choice to learn more. We are Ontario's leading home improvement specialists. We walk our customers through the entire process, from selection through installation and maintenance. Get a free estimate today.

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