What You Need To Know To Get Beautiful Replacement Windows STRESS-FREE!

beauty Typically when there’s work to be done around your house, you can ask friends and family for recommendations or, go online and find testimonials and referrals for any particular company or contractor. But when it comes to replacing your windows, it’s a different story. This is because not only do you need to concern yourself with the reputation of the contractor, but you also need to be concerned with the quality of the windows. You also need to consider the energy efficiency of your replacement windows. So how do you know that the windows you’re getting are of good quality and energy-efficient? Here are tips on what you need to look for when replacing your windows… 1. Look for the seal of approval from major certification houses on your window.  Luckily, window manufacturers make this pretty easy by placing stickers on each of their windows. These stickers are endorsements by certain organizations and publications, and when you see them you can rest easy knowing that many organizations have given that particular window their stamp of approval.. These certifications serve as a seal of approval from major certification houses which are not easy to come by.  Windows certifying bodies are the Canadian Standards Association, Energy Star, The National Fenestration Rating Council, American Architectural Manufacturers Association, and Window Wise. When buying windows make sure to look for these stickers: These organizations do not hand out their endorsements, or the labels to go along with them, lightly. They each have very strict criteria that certain products and manufacturers must meet before they’re willing to stand behind them. The products are typically tested using a variety of methods and under many different conditions, so if you see one of these labels (or even better, several of them) on a window, you’ll know that the window you’re considering has already been tested, and that it passed with flying colors. If you don’t see any of these labels on a particular window you’re thinking would be right for your home, the chances are the organization turned down endorsing that particular product, and homeowners should probably do so too. 2. Use Ener-Save Windows Ener-save windows allow you to be comfortable no matter what the weather. These windows are called as such because they allow you to save energy by filtering the heat of the sun during summer to make your interior cooler and during winter the windows are warm to the touch because they retain heat for the inside of the house. You save electricy  on air conditioning on warmer days and heating on cooler days. 3. Choose the right contractor with excellent customer service to install your replacement windows. Other than choosing the right window of course, you have to choose the right contractor to install it. So how do you know which one that is? There are many different things you’ll want to look for:
  • Firstly, choose a company that hires their own installers rather than uses sub-contractors or outsources the work. You want to know that if there’s a problem with your windows, you’ll only have to deal with one company rather than several.
  • Second, make sure that any company you hire to replace your windows offers warranties for both the parts and for their labor. If something should ever happen to your windows, you want to have the guarantee that you won’t have to pay for any of the repairs. Replacing your windows is a big job and when it comes time to do so, there’s more to consider than just the contractor, or just the product. Know what to look for on the actual windows, and know what to look for in the contractor who’s going to be replacing them, and your chances of ending up with windows that look great and also do a great job will be very good.
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