Why DIY Replacement Windows Can Be Costly

consumers-choice There’s no way around it. Replacing your windows is a big job, purchasing new windows and the installation. So, should you try to cut those costs down some by skipping one of those expenses and installing the new windows yourself? The quick answer is “NO” and there are several reasons why. REASON NO. 1 The first reason why you should leave new window installs to the professionals - it’s not like laying down new floors or installing your own wireless network in your home. There’s a great deal of knowledge that goes into replacing windows, and it’s really not as easy as it looks. Professionals can make it seem so because they do it every day, and they’ve likely been doing it for many, many years. They know how to install the flashing and exterior cladding, create tight seals, and perform the work efficiently and effectively because they’re professionals. Hire professionals from  replacement window companies who are duly certified by certification houses such as the Canadian Standards Association, Energy Star, The National Fenestration Rating Council, American Architectural Manufacturers Association, and Window Wise. REASON NO. 2 Even if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to replace your windows, and to make sure you’re doing it properly, there’s always the chance that you won’t. Even professionals always take the risk that their jobs might not be completed correctly on each job they perform, the chances that something will go wrong with professionals is much less than if a homeowner with no experience and no expertise takes on the job. And if something does go wrong, the damage it could cause to your home, and the inconvenience it can cost you, can be huge. Heating and air conditioning can leak through cracks and spaces, costing you thousands of dollars a year in wasted energy. Bugs and animals can also get in through cracks, possibly destroying your home or at the very least, be a major annoyance. And moisture can also seep in if you don’t complete the job properly, and that can cost you thousands of dollars in the damage it can do to floors, walls, and other parts of your home. REASON NO. 3 The other reason you should never replace your own windows instead of hiring a professional is because replacement windows simply aren’t available to customers. While you can walk into any home improvement store and buy new construction windows, replacement windows simply aren’t available off-the-rack. And you can use new construction windows to replace your old windows, but you’ll have an awful lot of actual construction work to do. You need to strip away exterior siding, do structural rebuilds, and more. It’s simply not worth the time for most homeowners, and it will actually end up costing them more in the end than simply hiring a contractor to replace their windows for them. It can be awfully tempting to just grab a hammer, buy a window, and start on the big job of window replacement yourself. But it’s really not that easy. Not only will your lack of expertise likely come through in the final product, but the right tools and parts might not actually be available to you, making it impossible to do it. Don’t let your window replacement job become a DIY disaster. Start off by hiring the right person or people for the job, and take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll be getting the best windows for your home, and for your peace of mind. FREE Download: Window Replacement Buyer's Guide
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