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Arteferro Wrought Iron Glass Collection

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The art of wrought iron has been in existence for centuries. Wrought iron is known as one of the most elegant metals. Each intricate piece in the Arteferro collection has been individually crafted to provide unmatched class and style. Sealed between two panes of tempered glass each design will add beauty and security to every home.


Wrought Iron glass collection
  • Untitled-1_03Paris 45 Aqualite Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_05At hens 60 Aqualite Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_07Vienna 90 Kasumi Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_09Geneva 70 Mistlite Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_11Newcastle 80 Mistlite Glass Backing
  • Rome 55 Aqualite Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_18Milan 65 Kasumi Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_20Tuscany 85 Kasumi Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_23Turin 50 Kasumi Glass Backing
  • Kaleo_03_24Verona 40 Aqualite Glass Backing

Optional Glass Backings available for all iron collections

  • Untitled-1_03Clearlite – Clear Glass
  • Untitled-1_05Aqualite Glass
  • Untitled-1_07Kasumi Glass
  • Untitled-1_09Rain Glass
  • Untitled-1_11Mistlite Glass
(Additional costs & lead times will apply) Each available glass option provides a different level of privacy starting with our Clearlite Glass for those applications where privacy is not a concern, to the opposite end of the spectrum with our Mistlite Glass for the ultimate in privacy.

Paris Wrought Iron Glass Collection

  • Untitled-1_05Harbour Craft Cherry M-0745
  • Untitled-1_07Belmont Oak M-0845
  • Untitled-1_11Steel Mark Doorlite: M-3745
  • Untitled-1_03Harbour Craft Cherry S-0745
  • Untitled-1_09Belmont Oak S-0845

Untitled-1_13Belmont Mahogany Doorlite: M-0745 Sidelites: S-0845

AThens Wrought Iron collection

Untitled-2_03Harbour Craft Cherry Doorlites: M-0760

Untitled-2_06Steel Mark Doorlites: M-0860 Transom: RC-M*60

Untitled-2_098’ Executive Doorlites: M-0860

Vienna Wrought Iron Glass Collection

  • Untitled-1_06Steel Mark Doorlite: M-4390 Sidelites: S-0790 Transom: EL-M*90
  • Untitled-1_09Harbour Craft Cherry Doorlite: M-2790
  • Untitled-1_11Belmont Oak Doorlite: M-0790

Untitled-1_03Harbour Craft Cherry Doorlite: M-1290

Geneva Wrought Iron Glass Collection

Untitled-1_03  Executive Doorlite: M-0770 Sidelites: S-0770 Transom: EL-M*70

Untitled-1_06Belmont Oak Doorlite: M-0870 Sidelites: S-0870

Untitled-1_08Steel Mark M-0770

Untitled-1_03 Belmont Mahogany Doorlite: M-0770 Sidelite: S-0770

Untitled-1_08Steel Mark M-0870

Untitled-1_10Steel Mark S-0870

Untitled-1_05Executive A5 Sidelites: S-0870

Newcastle Wrought Iron Glass Collection

Untitled-1_03 Steel Mark Doorlite: M-0880 Sidelites: S-0880 Transom: ES-M*80

Untitled-1_06Steel Mark Doorlite: M-0780 Sidelites: S-0780

Untitled-1_08Harbour Craft Cherry M-0880

aBelmont Mahogany Doorlite: M-0780 Sidelites: S-0780 Transom: RC-M*80

Rome Wrought Iron Glass Collection

Untitled-1_06Harbour Craft Cherry S-3855

Untitled-1_08Harbour Craft Cherry M-0855

Untitled-1_10Steel Mark Doorlite: M-0855 Sidelites: S-0855

Untitled-1_03Belmont Mahogany Doorlite: M-0755 Sidelite: S-0755

Milan Wrought Iron Glass Collection

Untitled-1_03Steel Mark Doorlites: M-0965 Transom: EL-M*65

Untitled-1_06Steel Mark Doorlite: M-0765 Sidelites: S-0765

Untitled-1_08Belmont Mahogany M-0765

Tuscany Wrought Iron Glass Collection

Untitled-1_09Harbour Craft Cherry M-0885

Untitled-1_06Harbour Craft Cherry S-3885

Untitled-1_03Harbour Craft Cherry M-2785

style="text-align: center;">Untitled-2_06

Steel Mark M-0785

style="text-align: center;">Untitled-2_08

Belmont Mahogany Doorlite: M-0785 Sidelites: S-0885


Harbour Craft Cherry Doorlite: M-2785 Sidelites: S-3885

Turin Wrought Iron Glass Collection


Steel Mark Doorlite: M-0850


Steel Mark M-0750
Untitled-1_08 Steel Mark Doorlites: M-0850

8’ Executive Doorlites: M-0750 Transom: RC-M*50

Verona Wrought  Iron Glass Collection


Steel Mark Doorlites: M-0740


8’ Executive Doorlites: M-0740


Belmont Mahogany Doorlites: M-0840 Transom: RC-M*40


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