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Awning windows are top-hinged, engineered to provide ventilation while keeping the rain out. Versatile and energy efficiency, a vinyl awning window operates much like a casement window. It, too, opens by cranking a handle that pushes the bottom of the sash out, allowing air ventilation while keeping rain water away. Usually wider than high, they also work perfectly in combination with larger fixed windows, above or below them.

Ener-Save Awning window Features

Superior Quality PVC Construction

Choice of dual-pane or triple-pane glass

Superior energy efficiency


Available in multiple colours

Extensively customizable

Locally made in Toronto

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Available with dual or Triple-pane glass

Whether you seek the convenience and acessibility of dual-pane glass, or the extra soundproofing and insulation of triple-pane, our awning windows can be made in either. Moreover, our choice of glass options allows for fine-turing each window for optimum functionality and performance, from the choice of argon or krypton inert gas filling to LoE coatings that wil work best for individual window positions. Finally, all our LoE glass panes come standard with extra-smooth titanium dioxide coatings that allow for the windows to stay cleaner longer.

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Double pane and Triple pane glass option for replacement window

Superior Energy Efficiency

Our ENER-SAVE awning windows offer superior performance when it comes to keeping you comfortable in harsh Canadian winters or hot summers alike, while saving you energy and money (and the environment along the way). They are Energy Star High Efficiency and Most Efficient by rigorous testing and certification, and are a future-proof investment.

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NAFS-08 Ratings

Window Type Performance Grade Performance Class Air Max Size Tested
Dual-pane Awning 70 LC A3 48" x 48"
Triple-pane Awning 55 LC A3 48" x 48"

Energy Star Ratings*

Window Type Energy Star Zones ER
Dual-pane Awning 1, 2, 3 36
Triple-pane Awning 1, 2, 3 40

*Energy Star Ratings may vary with glass and accessory options.

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Your choice of colour

Our extensive pallete of standard factory window finishes allows you to match any home style and décor. The environmentally friendly, waterborne base Solar Bond paint penetrates below the vinyl surface for superior adhesion, heat resistance and reflective to UV rays. Our standard coatings resist fading and are covered by a 15-Year warranty against peeling, blistering, flaking or cracking. And should you need exact colour matching to your home, we can do it too.

Colour Options

Click Swatch to preview colour.

Black Custom black color vinyl replacement awning window
Cashmere Custom cashmere color vinyl replacement awning window
Commercial Brown Custom commercial brown color vinyl replacement awning window
Cream Custom cream color vinyl replacement awning window
Dover Grey Custom dover grey color vinyl replacement awning window
Forest Green Custom forest green color vinyl replacement awning window
Grey Custom grey color vinyl replacement awning window
Hickory Custom hickory color vinyl replacement awning window
High Gloss Brown Custom high gloss brown color vinyl replacement awning window
Iron Ore Custom iron ore color vinyl replacement awning window
Pebble Custom pebble color vinyl replacement awning window
Sable Custom sable color vinyl replacement awning window
Sandalwood Custom sandalwood color vinyl replacement awning window
Sandstone Custom sandstone color vinyl replacement awning window
White Default Custom white color vinyl replacement awning window
A white awning window available in custom colours

Get creative with internal grilles

Our grilles are permanently fitted inside the window pane for ease of cleaning and require no maintenance. We offer a variety of grille types, sizes, and finishes — from Georgian bars simulating divided lites, to slim pencil or square ones reminiscing lead caming of stained windows. Each grille is expertly manufactured and flush mounted within the frame for a seamless finished look. Choose a grille design that will match your home style or add the needed finishing touch.

Internal grilles with zoomed in area to see the features of the grilles

Add more style with External grills

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) function as external grills and offer the traditional divided lite appearance. They are applied externally to both sides of the window pane, without compromising on energy efficiency. An optional core can be added in between the grills to give the realistic shadows of individual paned panels. Each SDL is installed seamlessly with the frame and available in multiple thicknesses, sizes and coordinating colours.

Shaped architectural SDLs can be custom manufactured to your style, giving the illusion of custom shaped windows through the use of our Shaped External Grill options. These bent grills add a distinctive architectural accent to your home to set it apart from the crowd.

A cut-out of a replacement window with external grills and a zoomed in area to see the features and construction of the grills.
Three replacement casement windows over a gorgeous, modern bathtub.

Specialty glass finishes for more customization

Add unique styling to your window with Ener-Save Specialty Glass Options. Our glass is available in a multitude of styles and colours. From eye-catching patterns to subtle accents, your windows can develop their own unique personality. You can model the tint and amount of lighting passing through, the privacy level, or even increase the security of your home.

Pinhead Window Glass Pinhead
Glue Chip Window Glass Glue Chip
Sycamore Window Glass Sycamore
Silver Window Glass Silver
Bronze Window Glass Bronze
Grey Window Glass Grey
Interior view of custom window finishes on a casement window.

Windows finished inside out

First impressions mean a lot. So does performance. Exterior and interior accessories will add even more value, beauty, precision and efficiency to an already outstanding window. Match or enhance any decor with a wide selection of casings, rosetes, brickmoulds, sill noses, jam extensions, drywall returns etc. — available in PVC, wood, or combinations thereof.

An elderly couple getting a quote on replacement windows for their home.

Peace-of-Mind warranty

Rest assured that your new windows will emulate the peace of mind and confidence you would expect from Consumer’s Choice. Each detail and every process has been painstakingly researched and tested prior to and during manufacturing, so that you can be secure and comfortable in choosing Enersave windows. Get non-prorated lifetime warranty on white vinyl frame and sash members, insulating glas, hardware, 15-Year warranty on Solar Bond™ standard colours paint, with no charge warranty transfers. Our reputation depends on your peace of mind and comfort.

More about our warranty

What homeowners say about our windows

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Professional salesman, expert installers, great product! Purchased $17,000 worth of windows (22) and a patio door (1) from Consumer's Choice Windows and Doors and I'm 100% satisfied with the products and the workmanship of the installation.
Kenny in the GTA
High quality windows, doing a great job to keep the cold out... The installers were very courteous and friendly. Respectful of our home and ensured everything was cleaned and back together after the job was done. Very happy with the windows and work done, will be recommending to friends.
Brad in the GTA
We had 3 new windows installed in our bedroom and the installer did a great job, and cleaned everything up afterwards. The windows look great, and the draft we were feeling from the old windows is now gone.
Michelle in Aurora

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We hold the highest Window Wise customer satisfaction rating of 99.7% for one reason — we serve our clients the way we want to be served. Our top products and professional installers are trusted by homeowners and endorsed by leading certification authorities.

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