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Craftsman style emerged from the arts and crafts movement celebrating the individual worker, craftsmen and encouraged the use of natural materials. Clean lines are striking and glass playfully invites light into the home adding a finishing touch with character, charm and distinction.

Craftsman Gallery

A Door Series Expanded door series offerings, reflecting the ultimate in both selection and finishes – Steel Mark®, Belmont® and Harbour Craft®. B Clean Panel Profile Panels are distinctive with a variety of styles to choose from. C Dentil Shelf Dentil shelves are available; designed specifically to complement each door series. D Glass Designs Extensive choice of glass designs; enhancing the Craftsman or Mission charm.
craftsman_03 Steel Mark®
  • Belmont® Smooth
  • Belmont® Rustic Mahogany
craftsman_07 Harbour Craft® Fir

Steel Mark® Series 6’8”

  • craftsman_03Steel Mark 3 Panel Craftsman F2
  • craftsman_05Steel Mark 2 Panel Craftsman F2 Rosedale Glass
  • craftsman_07Steel Mark 2 Panel Craftsman F2 w/ Dentil Shelf Berkley Glass
  • craftsman_09Steel Mark 2 Panel Craftsman F2 w/ Dentil Shelf Clear Glass

HD Steel Executive® Series 6’8”

  • craftsman_14Executive 2 Panel Craftsman F2 Empire Glass
  • craftsman_11Craftsman Empire Glass
  • Untitled-1Executive 2 Panel Craftsman F2 Heritage Glass

Belmont® Fiberglass Series 6’8” & 8’0” Flush Glazed

  • Flush-Glazed_03Belmont Smooth 2 Panel Craftsman* F2 Kaleo Glass
  • Flush-Glazed_08Belmont Smooth Craftsman* Kaleo Glass
  • Flush-Glazed_05Belmont Smooth Craftsman Beadboard* FB Heritage Glass
  • Flush-Glazed_11Belmont Mahogany 2 Panel Craftsman* F2 Empire Glass
  • Flush-Glazed_13Belmont Mahogany Craftsman* Empire Glass

Belmont Craftsman doors have flush glazed glass, are available in 8’ and come with a dentil shelf option.

Harbour Craft® Fiberglass Series 6’8”

  • Untitled-1_03Harbour Craft Fir 3 Panel Craftsman FF
  • Untitled-1_05Harbour Craft Fir 2 Panel Craftsman FF Rain Glass
  • Untitled-1_07Harbour Craft Fir 2 Panel Craftsman FF w/ Dentil Shelf Kaleo Glass
  • Untitled-1_09Harbour Craft Fir Craftsman Kaleo Glass

Craftsman SDL Grills

  • Untitled-1_11Steel Mark 3 Panel Craftsman F2 SDL Grill 3 x 1 Clear Glass
  • Untitled-1_13Harbour Craft Fir 2 Panel Craftsman FF SDL Grill 3 x 2 Clear Glass
  • Untitled-1_15Harbour Craft Fir SDL Grill 1 x 4 Clear Glass

Use clear or textured glass background. SDL grills available for all craftsman door series. Belmont Craftsman doors have flush glazed glass, are available in 8’ and come with a dentil shelf option. * All

Craftsman Glass

  • Untitled-1_03Berkley
  • Untitled-1_05Clear
  • Untitled-1_09Empire
  • Untitled-1_11Rain
  • Untitled-1_15Heritage
  • Untitled-1_16Aqualite Special Order for Belmont
  • Untitled-1_19Kaleo
  • Untitled-1_20Kasumi Special Order for Belmont
  • Untitled-1_03Rosedale
  • Untitled-1_05Mistlite Special Order for Belmont
Craftsman Glass Sizes: Steel Mark® 44: 22”x 14 1/2” Executive® 44: 22”x 14 1/2” Belmont® Smooth 34: 24”x 17 1/4” Belmont® Rustic Mahogany 34: 24”x 17 1/4” 8’ Belmont® Rustic Mahogany 64: 24”x 21 1/4” Harbour Craft® Fir 54: 23 3/4”x 15” Untitled-1_10

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