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New Hampshire Traditional Handlesets Untitled-1_05
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Del Mar Traditional Handlesets Untitled-1_03
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Traditional Deadbolts | Knobsets | Levers

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Rustic Deadbolts | Knobsets | Levers

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Rustic Knobsets Untitled-1_06
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Arch Levers Untitled-1_11

WesLock® Traditional

Woodward Handlesets Untitled-1_03 LExington™ Handlesets Untitled-1_09 IMpresa™ Knobsets Untitled-1_03
Mansion™ Handlesets Untitled-1_05 Standard Deadbolts Untitled-1_11 Bordeau™ Leversets Untitled-1_05

Ferco Multi-point locking System

Active and inactive handlesets available.
Venice Handlesets Untitled-1_03
3-POINT SECURity AUTOMATIC DOOR LOCK European technology in a North American Lock. By simply closing the door, the upper and lower 3/4” latches will instantly engage. Engaging the 1” deadbolt by turning the key from outside or the knob from inside, will block the top and bottom latch bolts, to make it a secure 3-deadbolt locking system! Intuitive North American locking function. No lifting of the handle required to engage locking points.
  • 90 degree thumb turn to engage 1” central deadbolt function.
  • The tapered latch bolts always engage the keepers upon closing of the door.
  • Better security with three locking points securing the door.

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