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The beauty of a wood door without the maintenance. Harbour Craft fiberglass doors mimic the grain, texture and construction of a handcrafted hardwood door. The process starts with the highest quality hardwoods, just like a real wood door. To guarantee the authentic look and feel of real wood, a select piece of cherry or fir is used to make each mould. Engineered with one of the thickest fiberglass panels in the market; Harbour Craft doors provide additional stability and resistance to bowing and twisting.

Harbour Craft®

Premium Fiberglass Door Series
a Grain Multiple grain options are available in low maintenance fiberglass – smooth, oak, mahogany and rustic textures. Belmont’s ultra smooth finish features a unique brush stroke surface that’s ideal for painting. b Durability Top and bottom rails are constructed from rot free composite material. c Security Door stiles are constructed with engineered 2” laminated strand lumber (LSL) hinge, and 4” LSL latch stiles. d Panel Profile  Belmont features distinctive and deep high definition moulded door panels. E Construction Polyurethane foam core combined with engineered wood used in stiles provide superior insulation value and structural integrity. F Fire Ratings 20-minute fire rating option is available on select Belmont fiberglass doors.
Untitled-1_06 Cherry Grain (Traditional Panel Beading)
Untitled-1_08 Cherry Grain (Traditional Panel Beading)
Untitled-1_03 Craftsman Fir Grain
Square edge construction offers an attractive wood door appearance. 4” engineered stiles made from laminated strand lumber (LSL) run the entire height of the door on both the hinge and lock side. This provides high resistance against thermal bowing and offers added security.
Cherry Traditional Untitled-1_09
Beading Cherry Rustic Beading Untitled-1_09-03
Craftsman Beading Untitled-1_11
Harbour Craft doorlite frames are a perfect complement to each wood grain and panel definition. Our new door lite frames remove the need for screw plugs and contribute to the esthetics of the door. It features a square edge construction design, using real hardwood on the edge to ensure consistent stain colour between panel and wood edge. LSL Stiles & Composite Rails The rails are made out of rot free composite materials. Laminated (LSL) is engineered wood that is free of knots or other inconsistencies found in other wood products. The patented manufacturing process increases strength while resisting bowing, twisting, and shrinking. Clavos are hand forged from metal to create an authentic old world look that enhances the appearance of the door.

Harbour Craft® Cherry with Traditional Panel Beading 6’8”

  • Untitled-2_166 Panel BB
  • Untitled-2_182 Panel TT
  • Untitled-2_033 Panel Arch QQ
  • Untitled-2_058 Panel PP
  • Untitled-2_072 Panel Reverse
  • Untitled-2_099” x 65” Cutout
  • Untitled-2_119” x 37” Cutout
  • Untitled-2_139” x 49” Cutout

Harbour Craft® Cherry with Rustic Panel Beading 6’8” & 8’0”

  • Untitled-3_062 Panel Camber TC
  • Untitled-3_082 Panel Camber Plank KK
  • Untitled-3_132 Panel Reversible
  • Untitled-3_10Full Lite 9” x 65” Cutout
  • Untitled-3_303/4 Lite 9” x 49” Cutout
  • Untitled-3_238’ 2 Panel Camber TC
  • Untitled-3_258’ 2 Panel Camber Plank KK
  • Untitled-3_288’ 2 Panel Reversible
  • Untitled-3_168’ 3/4 Lite 9” x 65” Cutout

Harbour Craft® Craftsman Fir 6’8”

  • 3_083 Panel Craftsman FF
  • 3_1024 3/4” x 16” Cutout FF
  • 3_0324 3/4” x 16” Cutout w/ Dentil Shelf FF
  • 3_05Craftsman 9” x 65” Cutout

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