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With Internal Mini Blinds, you can adjust the amount of light and privacy with a quick and easy touch of the finger. Internal Mini Blinds eliminate the need for more costly and awkward window converings for your patio door. The mini blinds are incorporated into factory sealed units. The units are totally dust and maintenance free.
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MUNTIN PATTERNS Available with Sealed Insulating glass units [Not a valid template] TYPES & SIZES viewed from outside [Not a valid template] MATERIAL & CONSTRUCTION: Door units shall be constructed from specially designed heavy gauge, extruded vinyl in accordance with Consumers Choice's engineering standards. FRAME: Consists of heed channel track, sloped sill track and two jambs. Each orner of the frame is joined by four screws and fastened into integral extruded strengthening ribs in head and sit sections. SASH: Styles and rails constructed of heavy extruded vinyl tubular sections. Vertical styles to be reinforced with aluminum tube Panel styles rachined to verlap with rails and joined screws fastened into extruded basses in panel head and sill rails. Most two-panel units are reversible before or after installation. WEATHER-STRIPPING: Panels with double weather-stripping with polypropylene pie with a Mylar fin seal running down the center polypropylene pile Mylar fin seal plus a flexible bulb seal). HARDWARE: Positive action, heavy-duty security laminated latch, safety activated to eliminate keeper breakage. High impact diecast with baked aluminum finish and custom hardwood handle. Two-way adjustable steel keeper. Bumper stop for all siding panels. Siding panels equipped with two steel cadmium-plated tandem ball bearings, weather-sealed adjustable rollers at bottom. All screws are self-tapping plated steel. High quality cyclinder lak available as an optional extra. SCREEN: Frames of tubular aluminum extrusion fitted with 18 x 14 mesh reversible fiberglass insect screen cloth held by vinyl spine. Spring-loaded rollers with and adjustment screws mounted on each corner. Positive action spring lock, die cast inside handle and an integral extruded outside pull. Screen provided with polypropylene pile bug strip. Heavy-Duty post mesh is also available (optional). GLAZING: Nominal 13/16' tempered sealed insulating glass units. ERECTION: (By Others) Vinyl Thermo- Guard erected in prepared openings according to manufacturer's recommendations and installation instructions. Sealant furnished by others. Installation screws provided by manufacturer. Manufacturer assumes no liability for damages by the trades and or final cleaning of vinyl and glass. PERFORMANCE: Vinyl Thermo-Guard meets or exceeds the specifications of CAN/OGSB-82 I-MB9. Meets or exceeds ASTIM standards tested in accordance to D4099-89. Door units shall be constructed from specially designed heavy gauge, extruded vinyl in accordance with Consumers Choice's engineering standards. ENERGY STAR PARTNER: Our products meet the Energy Star program guidelines for helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

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