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Window_Wise_LogoWindow Wise

Window Wise is an independent company that audits and certifies window contractors and manufacturers to ensure that homeowners are getting quality products and that their windows are being installed correctly by conducting training seminars. Window Wise audits companies based on energy-efficient windows, dealers certification, installer certification, product and installation criteria, and warranty information. The 5 components of the Window Wise Program:

Approved Windows

With 100s of window manufacturers, windows can span a wide range of quality, efficiency & price. Window Wise eliminates the guesswork by enforcing rigid quality standards before granting our seal of approval.
Certified Contractors Qualifying your contractor can be difficult - they all make claims of quality workmanship backed by a guarantee but how can you really be sure? Each Window Wise contractor must meet our strict standards and is subject to random inspections.
Trained & Certified Installers Our program insists that a certified installer must be present at every job. For certification, an installer must successfully complete the comprehensive Window Wise installation training program.
Random Job Inspections Window Wise randomly inspects certified installations to ensure standards are being maintained. Window Wise contractors know they are being continually monitored not just for workmanship but also for professionalism, work ethic and customer service.
Quality Assurance Guarantee On registering with us, your investment is insured for 5 years against failure by our transferable warranty. This is in addition to the guarantees provided by the window manufacturer and the window contractor.

home_sawdaccsa_certificateWindow Wise is a quality assurance program that gives homeowners the peace of mind that the windows they are installing and the tradespeople installing them are of the highest quality.

© Copyright 2015 Window Wise - A registered program of the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada

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