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CSA InternationalCSA International Products certified under CSA International’s Windows and Doors Certification Program will carry the CSA mark. To ensure that you are buying CSA certified products, you should request a contract in writing from the supplier. This website provides key factors in what to look for in windows and doors. Natural Resources Canada - Windows, Doors and SkylightsNatural Resources Canada Government of Canada Consumer's Guide too buying Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has established the CSA-A440 standard. It describes how to measure and rate a window's airtightness, watertightness, wind resistance, condensation resistance, forced entry resistance, ease of operation, and other requirements. Energy StarEnergy Star - Residential Windows, Doors, and Skylights ENERGY STAR-qualified windows, doors, and skylights save you energy and money, increase the comfort of your home, and protect your valuable possessions from sun damage. They are also better for the environment because lowering your energy use means less air pollution from power plants.
csa certificateWindow Wise is a quality assurance program that gives homeowners the peace of mind that the windows they are installing and the tradespeople installing them are of the highest quality.

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