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Quality Construction

How We Build A Better Window The Difference Our Manufacturing Process Makes - Quality doesn't happen by accident. Our progressive attitude towards manufacturing ensures that your products are built with the most up-to-date technology. The latest equipment and processes mean we can offer you windows and doors that just work better – by design.
  •  4 Point Welder 4-Point Welder
  • Double Stack Welder Double Stack Welder
  • Corner Cleaner Corner Cleaner

  • Double Stack Cutter Double Stack Cutter
  • Paint shop Paint shop
  •  Glass Line Glass Line
Vinyl Engineered for Beauty and Durability Polyresin 3 PVCVinyl Engineered For Beauty And Durability - Colour-fast, durable and mildew-resistant, Polyresin 3® is a specially formulated P.V.C. made exclusively by Enersave and used in a full range of vinyl window products. Made only from virgin vinyl, Polyresin 3® displays superior weathering and impact retention, and will not warp, crack or peel. It’s engineered for North American weather, therefore it outperforms in both hot and cold climates. Vinyl Engineered Polyresin 3 PVC
Reduce Condensation, Maximize Performance - Pre-applied acrylic adhesive bonding has 5 times the life expectancy of a single seal-system. Super Spacer outperforms spacers in the P1 test chamber, where units are exposed to 60°C 95-100% relative humidity and ultra-violet light. One week in the chamber is equal to 1 year of actual field use.
Super Spacer Testing
Super Spacer Reverse Dual Seal Technology
Hardware & Weather-stripping Hardware That Is Engineered Second To None - Into every Enersave window, we incorporate the best standard features in the industry. All of our windows come with quality hardware and weather-stripping.
Truth Maxim Hardware Truth Maxim Hardware - Truth hardware is the premium hardware on the market today.
Santoprene Bulb SealsSantoprene Bulb Seals - Santoprene bulbs in combination with rich pile weather-stripping virtually eliminate air infiltration.

Energy Efficiency

Select below to experience the beauty of our technology:
LoE2 Glass Superior Glazing For Year-Round Comfort and UV Protection Low-Emissivity (LOE2) glass is specially coated to admit light but reflect heat, keeping it outside in the summer and holding it inside in the winter. Its higher R (thermal resistance) value means greater insulating performance than ordinary windows. Ordinary thermal glass has an R (Thermal Resist) factor of 2.1. A thermal unit with LOE2 (with Argon) has an R factor of 4.2. Plus, LOE2 glass also reduces the amount of UV light by up to 1/3 of other coatings, protecting your furniture and flooring — and most importantly — your family.

Radiant heat during winterRadiant heat is kept inside your home during winter.

Radiant heat summerRadiant heat is deflected from your home during summer.

LOE2 Chart
Reduce Condensation, Maximize Performance Typically, glazed window units are secured by metal spacers, which readily conduct heat and can drain up to 20% of energy costs – even in high-performance windows.
Conventional Spacer

Conventional Spacer

Metal Foam Spacer

Super-Spacer® NO – Metal Foam Spacer

Average sightline temperature difference
Superior Insulation for Lasting Comfort Argon and Krypton are safe, odourless and colourless gases, which are heavier than air. When used in conjunction with LoE2 glass, these gases provide better insulation. The reason? Heat and cold do not pass through Argon and Krypton gas as easily as through air. Furthermore, Argon and Krypton are non-toxic and present no human health or environmental concerns. Argon and Krypton Gas Windows
The Amazing Glass That All But Cleans Itself
Simply Clean® Glass is manufactured to actually make the glass smoother. This helps your windows stay cleaner longer. Ordinary glass allows water to cling to the surface causing it to bead. Trapped dirt and other residue remain behind as spots when the water evaporates.
Simply Clean Glass Surface Regular Glass Surface

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